Kim Annan

About Me

My name is Kim Annan and I have had an avid interest in photography for more than 20 years. Travelling widely around New Zealand for work I regularly saw stunning examples of nature. I often worked long hours and regularly witnessed dramatic sunrises or sunsets while journeying from one destination to another. Seeing these magical displays on a regular basis was one of the main reasons that I started out in photography, as I felt compelled to capture them.

Right Place ... Right Time

Any passionate photographer will tell you that you can revisit a location a dozen or more times to get the weather and light conditions exactly how you would like it for that image. Sometimes luck is on your side and you get the perfect shot first time. However, commonly it is either: right place, wrong time or right time, wrong place. People who know me well will have often heard me say this. Sometimes when I am not out taking pictures and the sky suddenly becomes dramatic .... right time, wrong place!
We have some wonderful displays of nature all around us. I hope the images that I have captured inspire people to either travel, support conservation or even pursue their own interest in photography. We gather many stories upon our journeys and many of the images on this site have memorable stories for me. I specialise in Landscape and Nature photography. I enjoy macro pictures of flowers and close ups of objects. And Architecture photography as I naturally see shapes and patterns.

My Penguin and I

This is me in the Galapagos